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Please contact Cindy at ABR if you have any questions. 

  • 1.        Youth is defined as individuals between the ages of 8 and 18 and as of January 1, 2024.
  • 2.       The classes will be separated by breed type, age, gender and dark and light.  The order of judging youth halter will be dark followed by light.
  • 3.       The following classes offered for youth halter are:
  • a.       Juvenile Dark and Light, Male and Female
  • b.      Yearling dark and light male and female
  • c.       2 year old and mature dark and light male and female

        4.   1st and 2nd place in each halter class will compete in the Youth Halter Championship, male and female, suri and huacaya.

        5.   A minimum number of five combined light and dark per gender for Huacayas or four combined light and dark per gender for suri is required to award Youth Halter Champion and Reserve.

         6.  None of the Youth Halter entries are eligible for entry in their respective full fleece open halter class or Bred and Owned.  However, they can enter any Group Production class for which they are eligible.

          7.  Exhibitors in youth halter fall under the same rules and guidelines put forth in the AOA Show System Handbook with the exception that the alpaca may be leased from a farm providing that the registered owner fills out a permission to show form.  A youth is regarded as synonymous with the owner if the owner is a parent or guardian.

          8.  Alpaca entered in the Youth Halter Division will be judged in the same manner as alpaca entered in the open halter or bred and owned.  Youth halter classes are to be judged solely on the alpaca, its conformation and fleece characteristics.

         9. Youth Halter Entry participants do not need to be members of AOA or ABR in order to participate.

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