2018 GWAS Vet Check-in Location Has Been Identified.
Vet Check for 2018 GWAS will be held at GATE 7 on the North side of the National Western Complex. GATE 7 can be located by taking Brighton Blvd. exit off I-25 and continuing north to the Gate on the left.
In an attempt to speed up "Vet Check" this year we have provided an example of a properly filled out CVI form on the show website. We understand that many of our participants come from outside the State of Colorado but this example will show you all the information that is needed on your CVI for you to gain entry into the show. Please review this example with your veterinarian prior to your CVI being completed in an attempt to minimize issues during your animal check-in time. Don't forget to bring 2 copies of your CVI to the show. GWAS is required to keep one.
As stated, Vet Check will occur at GATE 7. There will be two lines formed for check-in purposes. SPONSORS AND THURSDAY MORNING VOLUNTEERS PLEASE USE THE FAR RIGHT LANE. Everyone else please use the left lane. We will be honoring the Sponsor and Volunteer only check-in lane until noon. Once in line, there will be a stop line for advancement. Please do not proceed past that line until instructed to do so. Upon arrival please bring your paperwork to the check-in shed where your paperwork will be reviewed, approved and you will then be put in "Q" for advancement. A team of two volunteers will bring your CVI/show paperwork to your trailer. The team will confirm the number of animals in the trailer and verify each animal's microchip with registration paperwork. If a problem exists locating microchips or matching animals with registration paperwork you and your trailer will be moved out of the trailer lines.
Once your paperwork and microchips have been verified you will be asked to move forward where the veterinarians will actually inspect all the animals on the trailer. If the animals are in good health and reveal no issues the veterinarian will sign your paperwork and you may proceed to your unloading area.
If you have been moved out of line, every attempt will be made to mitigate the issue as soon as possible and have the veterinarians' proceed with the inspection.
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