1. GWAS hosts a FIBER ARTS competition! We know you're out there, entire communities of talented fiber artists & individuals creating works of arts. The fiber component of the industry is in a growth pattern that promises forward momentum. Share your works & put them into the competition. They'll be on display near the public entrance for all to enjoy!! For competition rules CLICK HERE 

2.  GWAS also hosts a PHOTOGRAPHY contest.  Everyone loves seeing photos of alpacas! Why not enter your photo(s) into a contest & see where it lands with respect to Judge's Choice & People's Choice? It's an exceptionally affordable endeavor with potentially big returns. Industry magazines & other publications pay for photos. Your photographic capture(s) will display near the public entrance for all to see!! For competition rules  CLICK HERE

3.  GWAS certifies Color Compliance checkers via annual training taught by an AOA- certified judge. This affords the exhibitor less hassle dealing with last-minute color changes & allows the show a timely start. As a result, for a show its size, GWAS historically experiences very few color challenges or changes once underway. Compliance training is coming up Saturday, April 8th. If you'd like to become certified or renew your certification CLICK HERE

4. GWAS is paying it back & paying it forward with our Friday night event. Join us at the host hotel (only 1.7 miles from the venue) for a complimentary buffet dinner that will leave you STUFFED! After, you'll be entertained by local legend Lannie Garrett & the Lazy Boy Rockers as they perform The Patsy Decline Show! Dinner & show reservations are required, as seating is limited! GWAS registrants, watch for your invitation coming soon. We'll wrap Friday evening with spectacular Live Auction offerings!

5. Finally, a reminder that  Bedding is required for alpaca stalls. Facility floors are concrete. Cardboard chips can be purchased online during registration or you can Bring Your Own Bedding (BYOB)!

Please Note: Only 2 yearling or older alpacas or 3 juvenile alpacas per stall are allowed, or if you choose to create a double stall, 5 yearling or 7 juvenile alpacas per double stall. This will be checked. If you have too many animals in a stall you will be asked to leave with any extra animals or purchase an additional stall(s), as available, so please note this rule.


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